Composition University ~ Having fun while improving your composition! Lesson 1

Oh, Photography.  It seems everyone is jumping into the pool these days… and why not?  The cameras that are available are amazing, affordable and easy to use.  However, while the cameras’ auto modes are making it easy to get your shot in focus and exposed correctly, without an eye for composition your pictures are still going to bore.

Welcome to Composition University!  Every month I am going to try to help you learn some fun new ideas to improve your composition.  My husband and I are working on starting a photo upload spot where we can share our pictures as we go on various composition challenges!  And I hope to have prizes for select winners in the future, too.


The Fall Challenge (Spouse Edition)

For the last 7 years my husband and I take our boys to the cutest little local Halloween carnival called “Pumpkin City”.  There are rides, petting zoos, ponies and, of course, pumpkins.  Every year, on the first visit,  I look forward to it and have a great time.  This year, on our fourth visit, I was getting way bored.  Each ride runs for like 7 minutes and I can only wave as they go by so many times.  So, needed to give my waving arm a rest,  I challenged my husband.  “Let’s have a fall picture contest.”  We each got 10 minutes to try to get the best and most unique pictures at the patch.

 I think I won.  Of course he thinks he won.  But, that’s the thing about composition and why you need to constantly try to mix things up.  Don’t always do what you are used to or assume that your pictures are great they way they are.  We all have different views and if you just shoot in one spot,  in one angle, and at one height that you are comfortable with then your pictures won’t appeal to others.  Always try different things!

Now it is your turn! Take your spouse, partner or friend and head over to your local pumkin patch.  Rules: 10 mintues each.  Try to be orginal with every shot.  We added editing into our challenge, but if you are not photo editors, the straight out of the camera shots will be fine. 

 The hopeful lesson:  Seeing how someone you’re close with sees life through the camera can actually improve your pictures.  You will be amazed at how different you each see things and think, “Wow, I never thought of  shooting that!”  Or you might find that you shoot the exact same thing, but the pictures still look totally different.

My (The Wife’s) Shots









My Husband’s Shots








Now…what did I learn from this challenge

1.  I need to stop taking my pictures portrait.  John took a  lot more landscape and I need to remember to keep that in mind.

2. I so won

3. My husband has a really lame sense of humor (see photoshopped image below).


Happy Halloween Everybody!

The new site Composition University will launch soon! It will be a fun community for learning and challening yourself  in new ways!  “Like” my facebook page Here to be notified when the new site launches…prizes!!