My nest is just about ready….

Thanks to the most wonderful baby shower that my family gave me over the weekend! Really, it is such a strange feeling. On one hand I feel like I have been pregnant forever and on the other I can’t believe I only have 4 weeks to go! It has been a very very long road though and I was so thankful for this fun party to get my mind off of things….I was truly spoiled. My folks and sisters did and absolutely amazing job..

The invite


Their theme they chose was “Feathering the Nest” notice the three little eggs?

My Dad handpainted each little birdhouse for all the guest and glued the little bird inside….

The cupcakes were made by My Mom and were to die for…if you want the recipe hit me up, they were chocolate with a cream cheese filling and were a big hit, My sister Ali piped the cream cheese frosting
Other desserts served were; white chocolate, and chocolate strawberries, and a cookie tray from paradise bakery


The food served was; California cabbage salad, pasta salad, assorted sandwiches from Corner Bakery.
lost o detail

Games played were a baby lottery, Baby Bingo, and Baby Price is Right (My oldest snuck in to play Baby bingo ….he was taking it very seriously)

We still have not named our little man, so a name jar was put out to see if any new names stuck out at us….One of my favorites was a card snuck in there by my oldest son for the name “Max”, I just love how he added a spot for his own name, Jack…
name cards1
Here are some of the ones we are NOT considering…..

One of my favorite details was the gift list. my Mom made an actual copy of the gift list from my dad’s orginal baby book from 1944!
gift list

So now the hard part comes, orgnaznizing everything and then the surgery.  Which is all scheduled to go for apparently my biggest baby yet….they are thinking 9 1/2 pounds. Only time will tell…

A special thanks to my parents and sisters for all the hard work they put into this day, for making me feel so special and making me realize how excited they also are for this new little guy to join our family!

Also, thanks to all my friends and family who came to the party and truly showered me….this baby is already spoiled before he has even arrived!!

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