The luck of the Irish brought us two gray whales! Dana Wharf Whale Watching

I had never been whale watching.  The only almost opportunity I had to go, was with my son Jack’s school last year, but with a new baby in my arms, I sent my Dad in my place.  No whale sighting on that trip, but a lot of dolphins.  My son was so sad and told me then, that someday he really wished he could see a real whale.

Flash forward a year, the timing was perfect to go as a family on a whale watching excursion. We arrived at the Dana Warf in Dana Point, California on sunny St. Patrick’s Day and boarded the Dana Pride.  I thought maybe we would see some seals and dolphins, but I was so hoping for my son we would see a whale. Little did I know, not only would we see seals, and dolphins, but two Gray whales were going to give us a once in a life time show!!

Our captain had mentioned that two gray whales were courting and he hoped they were still there for us to see.  I thought we would just see them swimming in the distance. I was beyond wrong.  These two beautiful giant gray whales played , breached, spy hoped, and swam all around, so close we could almost touch them. My son Jack was in awe.  My other two sons were amazed too.  I was just honestly in shock.  There was an insane couple in a dingy boat that the whales really enjoyed playing with.  All of us on the big boat thought they would be tipped over, but it didn’t happen.

We were the last tour of the day, so the captain even stayed longer then we should have because he said the whales were putting on such an amazing show. Some video from our tour even made the local news and the Today show!!

When we left my son Jack said “This was the luckiest St. Patrick’s day ever!”

I couldn’t agree more.


excited Adam1













They gray whale season runs to the end of April. So far this year they have already spotted the following on trips, 292 Gray Whales, 6 Blue Whales, 6 Humpback Whales, 187 Fin Whales, 11 Minke Whales, 5 Killer Whales. I highly recommend taking your families on this trip.  It is about a 2 hour tour and the Dana Wharf crew and staff are wonderful. Trips are usually scheduled 10am, 12pm ,and 2pm everyday.  The Dana Pride even has a snack bar and indoor seating, which was great for the kids to take a little break.  It does get really cold on the boat, so make sure everybody has a warm clothes!

Book your trip today!!

Disclosure: My family received  complimentary tickets  to facilitate a review. Pretty sure the whales were not paid though and it was a wonderful unforgettable experience that we plan on doing again soon!

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