Kaboom PlayDate!

Often my thoughts take me back to my picturesque childhood growing up in Northern California in the late seventies/early eighties.  I have so many memories of just playing….really playing outside with my friends exploring new places everyday.  More prominent in my mind though is the community of neighbors we had;  huge neighborhood picnics and play dates that seemed to occupy every weekend.   I have been sad sometimes that here in Orange County it seems the play is all too often indoors and you never really get to know you neighbors.

This past weekend that changed with the help of my awesome neighbor Michelle.  She runs a amazing website called http://www.funorangecountyparks.com.  The site gives you detailed listings and descrpitions of all the awesome parks we have at our finger tips here in the OC.  She is a huge advocate of getting out and having fun outdoors with your children.

Enter the Kaboom Playdate.  The Kaboom mission statement is to create great play-spaces through the participation and leadership of communities.  The play-date call to action was to have Play Days for their kids giving them a dose of good, old-fashioned outdoor fun….and we did!!

Michelle organized our Play Day at the park right outside of our neighborhood.  We had a great turn out and I met so many neighbors with children I didn’t even know were living so close.  It was so reassuring to see that people still want a sense of community and even today it is still possible to achieve!  I left the play-date excited that my boys had a great time and maybe some day will describe their childhoods as picturesque too!

Thanks Michelle and Kaboom!