Just a small party this year…..

is what I say every year when it comes time for my boys birthdays and every year that never happens.  I just love a party.  I love the details, I love the theme, and I love, love, love the favors.  Jack chose the theme of his current obsession this year, Scooby Doo.  It happened to work out perfectly that Halloween is so close, because we were able to decorate with a spooky motif.  This year we went big with a Mystery Machine bounce house and a cotton candy machine (Scooby and Shaggy’s favorite according to Jack)!  We used “The Inflataparty“ for the rentals and if you are in the area I highly recommend using them!  I am so thankful for all the help my family and friends assisted with.  I am also thankful for my husband who somehow along the way has become a master cake maker and made the coolest cake ever.  Everything was perfect….oh wait…everything except that it happened to be 100 degrees that day :(    Yet the kids still had fun even if their little faces were bight red and their hair was plastered with sweat.  Happy Birthday Jack!  Thanks for giving me such a great reason to throw a “small” party every year!












Hot day






17 Responses to “Just a small party this year…..”

  1. What a fun party!

  2. What a blast! Beautiful!

  3. A small party . . . what?! More like one AWESOME party!!!! Everything looks SO fun that I’m kinda jealous I don’t know you personally and wasn’t here haha!

  4. WOWZA! That looks like one very awesome party and fab photos! My son loves Scooby-Doo – everything here would be a huge hit with him!

  5. Looks like it was a awesome party…The kids must of been so happy…

  6. Wow…this looks like a great party! Great shots too~

  7. lol small party … pfftt. Looks like fun. Where was my invite lol

  8. It was a FANTASTIC party! Thanks so much for having us there :)

  9. Shut up! that is like the coolest party ever!

  10. Wow!! Will you come be my mom? What an amazing party!!! So creative!!!

  11. What an awesome party!! Love all the little details. Nice job, Mom!

  12. WOW!!! what a party! love the cake for sure!!!

  13. LOVE the “small” party!!! Looks like you all had a blast. Great pictures to capture the day!!!

  14. Wow!.. that looks so fun!! what a great, creative party!.. very nice job!

  15. Love the cake! Is that a mold, how was it made? Thanks!!!

    Love this theme- my daughter is turning 5 and she loves Scooby Doo!

  16. i’m starting to plan my daughter’s 4th bday party (it’s 7 months away lol) and have decided on a scooby doo theme. i LOVE your party! everything looked amazing including the pictures. i am wondering what kind of font did you use for your scooby snacks packs. i have been scouring the internet for the name of that font for a couple of weeks now!

  17. Where did you get the lil monster sodas? Cute party!!!